June 2019

I am now supplying Headshots Bar & Grill in Wichita. This is what they are saying about our beef.

``New Food Menu IS OUT ! ``

``Our beef is now being sourced from Red Steer Farms in the Flint Hills of Kansas. It is 100% Organic Certified Grass -Fed Angus beef, They don`t use any pens, collars, or prods - Totally free range and stress free. The new burgers are ridiculously good & cook in less than half the time. Name of the cow you are eating is available upon request.``

About Us

The Red Steer Farm is committed to raising animals humanely and organically. My purebred Red Angus herd is 100% grass-fed and has never consumed grain. The cattle are raised here, on our family farm, in the beautiful southern Flint Hills of Kansas. They never come into contact with other cattle, nor are they purchased at sale barns or sold to feedlots.

The cattle are rotated on the wonderful pastures of native grasses, such as big Bluestem, little Bluestem and Indian grass, and always have access to clean water, which is piped off from the ponds into holding tanks. We do not allow our cattle to enter into the ponds, so as to keep the water pure and clean. Our herd is grass-fed all year long and supplemented—during the grass dormancy period—with bales of native hay and alfalfa. The mineral I provide for them comes from a source in Utah.

The cattle are never subjected to rough handling. I do not use prods, sticks, horses or 4-wheelers to move them; instead, I round them up using my hands and legwork. This ensures that the cattle are raised in a minimal stress environment. I believe this extra care gives me a superior quality beef product.

I calve during late spring, which allows the cows to recover from the winter months before calving. Each calf is naturally bred using my own bulls. It takes me 24 months from calf to market-ready steer.

Originally from England, I did my due diligence and researched the market and visited several ranches before investing in the farm in Severy, Kansas. My number one priority was that the farm would be organic and sustainable. I decided on Red Angus cattle and only 100% grass-fed / grass-finished, as this was where the market was growing. My number two priority was that the cattle would be raised with minimal stress and no prods, sticks, 4-wheelers, roping, etc., to be used. Today, I raise all my cattle from calving to slaughter and supply grocery stores and restaurants with my organic beef. I believe—as do my customers—that the way I raise my cattle gives me a superior beef product.